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Constitutional Legal History: Printed Materials

Covers online and print resources for early United States constitutional law and history.

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Printed Materials on U.S. Constitutional Legal History

There are 4 approaches to printed sources on this topic:

1.  Browse the shelves physically:

    a.    Constitutional Law: KF 4504 - KF 5130
    b.    Judiciary (and U.S. Supreme Court): KF 8700 - KF 8707
    c.    Benson Collection (Room 280 JRCB)
         1)  This collection of conservative political thought contains writings of Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and many other Founding Fathers.
         2)  Includes Letters of Members of the Continental Congress (8 vols. covering 1774-1789, printed 1921-1936), JK 1033 .B88x 1921
         3)  The books are located in the northern-most range of shelves in the Reserve Room.
    d.    Printed records of Congress (1774 to present): First Floor, west section of compact shelving, "X" call number
         1)  Journals of the Continental Congress (1774-1789) 
         2)  Annals of the Congress of the United States (1789-1924)
         3)  Register of the Debates in Congress (1825-1837)
         5)  Congressional Globe (1833-1873)
         4)  Congressional Record (1873-present)
    e.    Use the course textbook/compilation: Lynn D. Wardle, Readings on the Origins of the Constitution of the United States of America: Foundations of American Constitutional Law, 4th ed. (2009) [2 volumes] Law Reserve KF 4520 .W37 2009 V.1-2

 2.  "Browse" the shelves online.

Go to the BYU Hunter Law Library webpage, click on "Library Resources" tab, then choose "Subject Call Numbers for Law." Two relevant choices are: 
    a.    Constitutional Law: KF 4504 - KF 5130
    b.    Judiciary: KF 8700 - KF 8707

3.  Use the three major compilations of United States Supreme Court cases interpreting specific sections of the U.S. Constitution and amendments:

    a.    Thomson West, United States Code Annotated [First 28 volumes of set], Research KF 62 .U54 .W37; also online on Westlaw "USCA"
    b.    LexisNexis, United States Code Service [First 10 volumes of set], Research KF 62 .U54 .L38; also online on LexisNexis "USCS"
    c.     Congressional Research Service, The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation, Centennial edition (2013); online at: (2013 edition); print edition is at Second Floor Reference KF 4527 2013

4.  Use these bibliographies:

    a.    Bibliography of Early American Law [Beginnings to 1860], Second Floor Reserve Main KF 1 .C58 1998 V.1-6 +2003 Suppl. [also on CD-ROM -- ask at Law Library Circulation desk]
    b.    A Comprehensive Bibliography of American Constitutional & Legal History, 1896-1972, Third Floor Main KF 4541 .H345 1896-1979 V.1-5 +1991 Suppl. V.1-2

Printed Materials on U.S. Constitutional Legal History

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