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Study Groups for Law Students

Tips for holding law students utilizing study groups, including technology tools for scheduling and holding virtual study groups

Calendaring Tools

The following are good tools to use to find a time to meet.

  • Calendly. Tell Calendly your preferred meeting times, send your Calendly link to your group members, and they pick a time. Can be integrated with Zoom so that a Zoom link is automatically created and sent to group members when a meeting is scheduled.
  • Doodle. Create a grid showing your available dates and times. Group members check which dates/times work for them.
  • When Is Good. Similar to Doodle.

Meeting Tools

  • Zoom
  • Google (Drive, Docs, Meets) 
  • Microsoft Teams
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Slack 
  • Messenger Rooms


Once a time is decided upon, I like having Google Calendar invites, which include the link being used, if applicable, for the virtual study group. This allows the members of the group to "accept" the invite and have it show up on their calendars. If using Zoom, you can go one step further and give Zoom the ability to display your Google Calendar in the application on your computer. Then, you can easily join Zoom meetings, like your study groups. It's been a time-saver for me!


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