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Recovering Our Forgotten Preamble

Constitutions, books, articles, cases, and letters cited by John W. Welch & James A. Heilpern, Recovering Our Forgotten Preamble, 91 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1021 (2018).


In Recovering Our Forgotten Preamble, 91 S. CALIF. L. REV. 1021 (2018), John W. Welch and James A. Heilpern argue convincingly for the restoration of the Preamble to the United State Constitution to a central role in the Constitutional interpretation and public policy debate. In support of their argument, Welch and Heilpern drawn upon an abundant and wide variety of sources including state and foreign constitutions, case law, speeches and letters by the Founding Fathers and other early American political figures, evidence from corpus linguistics, and numerous scholarly commentaries. This website assists researchers and others who wish to better understand our forgotten Preamble by gathering the resources cited by the article into one location.

A version of the article augmented with conveniently hyperlinked footnotes taking the reader to the full-text versions of the sources cited (when available) included in this guide can be accessed below. 


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