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Foreign & International Law: Human Rights Law

Internet Resources

Introductory Materials

Ilias Bantekas & Lutz Oette, International Human Rights Law and Practice (2013).  K 3240 .B36 2013

Brownlie’s Documents on Human Rights (Ian Brownlie & Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, eds., 6th ed. 2010).  K 3238 .B37 2010

Cambridge Companion to Human Rights Law, The (Conor Gearty & Costas Douzinas, eds. 2012).  K3239.8.C36 2012

Howard Davis, Beginning Human Right Law (2014).  K3240 .D377 2014

Suzanne Egan, The UN Human Rights Treaty System: Law and Procedure (2011).  K3240 .E33 2011

Connie de la Vega, Dictionary of International Human Rights Law (2013).  K3239.6.V44 2013

International Human Rights Law (Daniel Moeckli et al. eds., 2010).  K 3240 .I565 2010

Jordan J. Paust, et al., Human Rights Module on Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Other Crimes Against Human Rights, and War Crimes (3rd ed. 2014).  K3240 .H85785 2014


  International Human Rights Law Sourcebook (Andrew Borene, Alice Beauheim Borene, & Michael Sullivan, eds. 2014).  K3238I573 2014

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

  Juan Carlos Ochoa, The Rights of Victims in Criminal Justice Proceedings for Serious Human Right Violations (2013).  K3240.O24 2013

  Christian J. Tams, Lars Berster, & Bjorn Schiffbauer, Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide: A Commentary (2014).  KZ7180.A61948.T36 2014


Human Rights Issues


Criminal Law

  Anthony Amatrudo & Leslie William Blake, Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System (2015).  K3240 .A465 2015



  Educating about human rights

    Betty Reardon, Educating for Human Dignity (1995).  JC 571 .R4364 1995


Human Rights in the Administration of Justice


    Human Rights and the Administration of Justice: International Instruments (Christopher Gene & Mark Mackarel, eds. 1997).   K 3238 .H852 1997

    International Justice (Tony Coates, ed. 2000).  K 3239.8 2000

    Antonio Augusto Cancado Tindade, The Access of Individuals to International Justice (2011).  Online (Oxford Scholarship)


  Rosanne Van Alebeek, Immunity of States and Their Officials in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law (2008).  KZ4012 .A42 2008     


  Weapons Under International Human Rights Law (Stuart Casey-Maslen, ed. 2014).  KZ5645 .W43

Criminal Law






Human Rights Sources

Global Governance

  Errol P. Mendes, Global Governance, Human Rights and International Law: Combating the Tragic Flow (2014).  KZ1266.M46 2014

Non-State Actors

  Andrew Clapham, Human Rights and Non-State Actors (2013).  JC571.H768836 2013

Rule of Law

  Geranne Lautenbach, The Concept of Rule of Law and the European Court of Human Rights (2013).  KJC4426.L38 2013

  Vladimir Tochilovsky, Law and Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunals and Courts: Procedure and Human Rights Aspects, The (2014).  KZ7230 .T63 2014

Subject Guide

Periodical Indexes  & Databases


African Human Rights Law Journal.  LAWANDREL K 1 .F678

African Journal of Legal Studies (African Law Institute).  HeinOnline

Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law.  HeinOnline

Buffalo Human Rights Law Review.  Lper K2 .U245

Civil Rights Journal.  HeinOnline

Columbia Human Rights Law Review.  Lper K3 .O3467

Columbia Survey of Human Rights Law.  Lper K3 .O38

European Law Review Human Rights Survey.  Lper K5 .U753

Harvard Human Rights Journal.  Lper K 8 .A6814

Human Rights.  Lper K8.U45

Human Rights Brief.  LAWANDREL K 3236.2 .H847

Human Rights Law Review.  Online (Oxford Journals)

Human Rights and International Legal Discourse.  Lper K8 .U453

Human Rights Quarterly.  Lper K8 .U455

Human Rights Review.  Lper K8 .U462

Intercultural Human Rights Law.  HeinOnline

Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights.  HeinOnline

New York Law School Journal of Human Rights.  HeinOnline

Yearbook on Human Rights.  JC571 .U4

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