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Foreign & International Law: International Law

Internet Resources


Yearbook of the United Nations.  JZ 4947 .U55

Yearbook of the European Convention on Human Rights.  KJC 5132 .A52 .D63

Yearbook of Private International Law.  Lper K 29 .E27

Yearbook on Human Rights.  JC 571 .U4 (HeinOnline)

Yearbook of the International Law Commission.  KZ 1287 .U55 .Y43 (HeinOnline)


  Australian Yearbook of International Law.  K 1 .U87 (HeinOnline)

  British Yearbook of International Law.  K 2 .R585 (HeinOnline)

  Chinese Yearbook of International Law.  Oxford Journals

  German Yearbook of International Law.  K 7 .E87


  Yearbook Commercial Arbitration.  K 2400 .A35 .I58

  Yearbook of International Environmental Law.  K 3661 .A53 .Y32

  Yearbook of International, Financial and Economic Law.  HeinOnline

  Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law.  KZ 6442 .Y43

  Yearbook of Women’s Right.  K 3230 .W6 .Y42

About International Law

"International Law" refers to laws which apply between nations.  Treaties and United Nations resolutions are examples from this category.  International law consists of (1) international conventions, (2) international custom, (3) general principles, and (4) judicial decisions and teachings of the most highly qualified publicists.

Basic Sources


International Coventions

International Custom

General Principles

Judicial Decisions and Teachings of the Most Highly Qualified Publicists

Primary Materials

Topical Sources

Business Law

    Scott J. Shackelford, Managing Cyber Attacks in International Law, Business, and Relations (2014).  KZ6718.S53 2014

Constitutional Law

  Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes (Tom Ginsburg & Alberto Simpser, eds.).  K3165 .C63 2014

  Constitutions, Security, and the Rule of Law (Sudha Setty, ed.).  K5256.C66

  National Consitutional Identity and European Intgration (Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz & Carina Alcoberro Llivina, eds.).  KJE5078.N38

Criminal Law

   M. Cherif Bassiouni, International Criminal Law (3d ed. 2008).  K5165.I58 2008

   International Criminal Law (William A. Schabas, ed.).  KZ7000.S33 2012

   International Encyclopaedia of Laws, Criminal Law (Frank Verbruggen, ed.).  K5014.4.I57

  Luke Moffett, Justice for Victims before the International Criminal Court (2014).  KZ7495 .M64 2014

  Sergey Sayapin, The Crime of Aggression in International Criminal Law: Historical Development, Comparative Analysis and Present State (2014).  KZ6374 .S293 2014

  Rosanne Van Alebeek, Immunity of States and Their Officials in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law (2008).  KZ4012 .A42 2008

Environmental Law

Bharat H. Deszi, International Enviornmental Governance: Towards UNEPO (2014).  K3585 .D477 2014

Timo Koivurova, Introduction to International Environmental Law (2014).  K3585 .K6513 2014  

Sandra Zellmer, Comparative Environmental and Natural Resources Law (2013).  K3585 .Z45 2013


  Usta Kaitesi, Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence (2014).  KTD454.K34 2014

International Courts

  Karen J. Alter, The New Terrain of Internatiional Courts: Courts, Politics, Rights (2014).  KZ3410.A44 2014

  Eva Dwertmann, The Reparation System of the International Criminal Court (2010).  KZ7464 .D88 2010

  Gleider I Hernandez, The International Court of Justice and the Judicial Function (2014).  KZ6275 .H47 2014

  Kristina Janjac, A Guide to International Criminal Tribunals and their Basic Documents (2013).  KZ7230 .J36 3013

  Robert Kolb, The Elgar Companion to the International Court of Justice (2014).  KZ6275 .K653 2014

  Lena Lindemann, Referral of Cases from International to National Criminal Jurisdictions: tranferring Cases from the ICTY and the ICTR to National Jurisdictions (2013).  KZ7375.L56 2013

  Vladimir Tochilovsky, The Law and Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunals and Courts: Procedure and Human Rights Aspects (2014).  KZ7230 .T63 2014

Investment Law

  Aikaterini Titi, The Right to Regulate in International Investment Law (2014).  K3830 .T58 2014

  Trinh Hai Yen, The Interpretation of Investment Treaties (2014).  KNC747 .T75 2014

Mergers and Acquisitions

  Julie Clarke, International Merger Policy; Applying Domestic Law to International Markets (2014).  K1362 .C57 2014

  Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe: Selected Issues and Jurisdictions (Dennis Campbell, ed., 2011).  KJE2628.M47 2011

   Mergers and Acquisitions in North America, Asia and the Pacific: Selected Issues and Jurisdictions (Dennis Campbell, ed., 2011).  K1362.M478 2011

Natural Resources

  Sandra Zellmer, Comparaive Environmental and Natural Resources Law (2013).  K3585 .Z45 2013

Rule of Law

  Constitutions, Security, and the Rule of Law (Sudha Setty, ed.).  K5256.C66

Sale of Goods

  Franco Ferrari & Marco Torsello, Internationlal Sales Law--CISG (2014).  (Nutshell series).  K1028.3198.F47 2014


  Constitutions, Security, and the Rule of Law (Sudha Setty, ed.).  K5256.C66

  Dace Winther, Regional Maintenance of Peace and Security under International Law: The Distored Mirrors (2014).  KZ5588.W56 2014

Sexual Violence

  Maria Eriksson, Defining Rape: Emerging Obligations for States under International Law? (2011).  (The Raoul Wallenberg Institue Human Rights Library)  KZ7162.E75 2011

  Usta Kaitesi, Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence (2014).  KTD454.K34 2014

State Status

  John Dugard, The Secession of States and their Recognition in the Wake of Kosovo (2013).  KZ4028 .D84 2013

  Mario Silva, State Legitimacy and Failure in International Law (2014). KZ4029.S57 2014

  Jure Vidmar, Democratic Statehood in International Law: The Emergence of New States in Post-Cold War Practice (2013).  KZ4002.V53 2013

Values, Global

  Otto Spijkers, The United Nations, the Evolution of Global Values and International Law (2011).  KZ1242.S68 2011


Business Law

Business Law

Criminal Law


Environmental Law


Intellectual Property

Non-State Actors

Property Law

Public International Law

Tax Law

Trade Law

Public International Law

Gideon Boas, Public International Law: Contemporary Principles and Perspectives (2012).  KZ3410.B637 2012

Ian Bownlie, Principles of Public International Law (7th ed., 2008).  KZ3225.B76.A37 2008

Thomas Buergenthal & Sean D. Murphy, Public International Law (5th ed., 2013).  (Nutshell Series).  KZ3410.5.B84 2013

John H. Currie, Public International Law (2008).  KZ3410.C87 2008

International Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)

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