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Foreign & International Law: European Union

Internet Resources

Introductory Materials

European Union

   Karen Davies, Understanding the European Union (4th ed., 2011).  KJE949.D38 2011

   Alex Roney & Stanley Bedd, The European Union: A Guide Through the EC/EU Maze (6th ed., 1998).  KJE949.R664 1998

European Union Law

   Walter Cairns, Introduction to European Union Law (2d ed., 2002).  KJE947.C347 2002

   Mike Cuthbert, European Union Law (2d ed., 1994).  KJE949.C87 1994

   Ralph H. Folsom, European Union Law (2005).  (Nutshell series).  KJE949.F55 2005

   Ralph H. Folsom, Principles of European Union Law (2009).  (Concise Hornbooks series).  KJE949.F553 2009

  T C Hartley, The Foundations of European Union Law (2014).  KJE947 .H37 2014

   David Medhurst, A Brief and Practical Guide to EU Law (3d ed., 2001).  KJE949.M43 2001

European Law

EU Treaties and Law

Treaty of Maastricht (1993)

   Richard Corbett, The Treaty of Masstricht (1993).  KJE4443.3 1992  .C67 1993

Treaty of Amsterdam (1999)

   Stefan Griller, The Treaty of Amsterdam (2000).  KJE4443.31997.T743 2000

Treaty of Nice (2003)

Lisbon Treaty (2009)

   Jean-Claude Piris, The Lisbon Treaty: A Legal and Political Analysis (2010).  KJE4443.32007.P57 2010


European Union Guide (Philip Raworth, ed., Thomson Reuters 1994-).  K4602.2.E38 1994-

EU Organizations

European Court of Justice (ECJ)

EU Topical Sources

EU Administrative Law

   George A. Bermann, Charles H. Koch, Jr., & James T. O'Reilly, Administrative Law of the European Union (2008).  KJE5602.B47 2008

   Paul Craig, EU Administrative Law (2d ed., 2012).  KJE5602.C73 2012

EU Business Law

   Ralph H. Folsom, European Union Business Law: Foundational Treaties, Business Legislation and Litigation Materials (1995).  KJE2041.3.E877 1995

EU Civil Law

  Norbert Reich, General Principles of EU Civil Law (2014).  KJE995.R45 2014

EU Competition Law

    Damien Geradin, Anne Layne-Farrar, & Nicolas Petit, EU Competition Law and Economics (2012).  KJE6456.G474 2012

EU Constitutional Law

   James D. Dinnage & John F. Murphy, The Constitutional Law of the European Union (1996). KJE4445.D56 1996

   Klemen Jaklic, Constitutional Pluralism in the EU (2014).  KJC4445.J35 2014

   Koen Lenaerts & Piet Van Nuffel, Constitutional Law of the European Union (2005). KJE5076.L46 2005

   Allan Rosas & Lorna Armati, EU Constitutional Law (2012). KJE4445.R67 2012

EU Contract Law

   Enforcement of International Contracts in the Europan Union (Johan Meeusen, Marta Pertegas, and Gert Straetmans eds., 2004). KJE3795.E54 2004

EU Enviromental Law

   Charles Lister, European Union Environmental Law: A Guide for Industry (1996).  KJE6242.L57 1996

EU Human Rights

  Geranne Lautenbach, The Concept of Rule of Law and the European Court of Human Rights (2013).  KJC4426.L38 2013

  Marton Varju, European Union Human Rights Law: The Dynamic of Interpretation and Context (2014).  KJE5132.V37 2014

EU Immigration Law

  Cliodhna Murphy, Immigration, Integration, and the Law: The Intersection of Domestic, EU, and International Legal Regimes (2013).  KJE6044.M87 2013

EU Judiciary

  Geranne Lautenbach, The Concept of Rule of Law and the European Court of Human Rights (2013).  KJC4426.L38 2013

  Allan F. Tatham, Central European Constitutional Courts in the Face of EU Membership: The Influence of the German Model in Hungary and Poland (2013).  KJC5456.T38 2013

EU Labour Law

   A.C.L. Davies, EU Labour Law (2012).  KJE2855.D38 2012

EU Merger Law

  Ioannis Kokkoris & Howard Shelanski, EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis (2014).  KJE6467.K645 2014

EU Private International Law

   Joseph Lookofsky & Ketibjorn Herz, EU-PIL: European Private International Law in Contract and Tort (2009).  KJE1640.L66 2009

   Peter Stone, EU Private International Law (2d ed., 2009).  KJE.S76 2010

EU Procedural Law

   Koen Lenaerts, Dirk Arts, & Ignace Maselis, Procedural Law of the European Union (2d ed., 2006).  KJE3802.L46 2006

EU Public Law

  Patrick J. Birkinshaw, European Public Law: The Achievement and the Challenge (2014).  KJE4431 .B57 2014

EU Trade Law

   Gareth Davies, European Union Internal Market Law (2d ed., 2003).  KJE6417.D38 2003

EU & European Agencies

EU Business Law

EU & Citizenship

EU Competition Law

EU Constitution

EU Human Rights Law

EU Immigration/Asylum Law

EU International Relations Law

Recommended Electronic Legal Resources

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Subject Guide

Periodical Indexes  & Databases


Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies.  Lper K3.A6278

European Constitutional Law Review.  Lper K5 .U734

European Human Rights Law Review.  Lper K5 .U72

European Intellectual Property Review.  Lper K5 .U73

European Journal for Church and State Research.  Lper K5 .U737

European Law Review.  Lper K5 .U75

European Law Review Human Rights Survey.  Lper K5 .U753

Journal of Constitutional Law in Eastern and Central Europe.  Lper K10 .O653

Journal of East European Law.  Lper K10 .O723

Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law.  Lper K13 .A27

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