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Study Aids for Law Students

Including materials available at the library and websites you can use anywhere


BYU Law Library buys many of the subjects of the Law in a Flash flashcard brand. Each set of flashcards focuses on a specific subject of law. The flashcards include questions and answers, as well as helpful tips and mnemonic devices.


The sets of flashcards are located behind the Circulation Desk. Anyone with BYU checkout privileges, even if they are not law students, can checkout flashcard sets. The checkout period is two hours.


  • ​You can remove the flashcards for the subjects you have not learned yet, so you can effectively use them to study throughout the whole semester.
  • BYU Law alumni can check out the flashcards and use them to prepare for the Bar exam.


1L Subjects:

  • Civil Procedure (KF 8841 .C546 2011)
  • Constitutional Law (KF 4550 .Z9 .C6728 2011)
  • Contracts (KF 801 .Z9 .C548 2009)
  • Criminal Law (KF 9219.85 .C752 2010)
  • Real Property (KF 570 .Z9 .R423 2009)
  • Torts (KF 1250 .Z9 .T6535 2009)

2L/3L Subjects:

  • Corporations (KF 1414.85 .C67 2010)
  • Criminal Procedure (KF 9619.85 .C748 2010)
  • Environmental Law (KF 3775 .Z9 .S743 2010)
  • Evidence (KF 8935 .Z9 .E854 2008)
  • Federal Income Taxation (KF 6369.85 .F43 2010)
  • Future Interests (KF 605 .F88 2008)
  • Professional Responsibility (KF 306 .E47 2010)
  • Sales (KF 915 .Z9 .S34 1998b)
  • Secured Transactions (KF 388 .F678 2011)
  • Wills and Trusts (KF 755 .W555 2010)


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