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Study Aids for Law Students

Including materials available at the library and websites you can use anywhere


The Emanuel CrunchTime series is a study aid that provides students with application flow charts, summaries of the law, exam tips for identifying traps and pitfalls, and sample multiple-choice and essay questions with model answers.


Most of the recent editions of Emanuel CrunchTime are in the reserve room in the BYU Law Library. They are available for check out for two hours to law students only. However, anyone can go into the reserve room and read them without checking them out. 

Past editions and some (older) recent editions are available in the main collection of the law library, located on the third floor. These editions can be checked out by anyone with BYU check-out privileges and can be checked out for three weeks.


1L Subjects:

  • Civil Procedure (KF 8841 .E524 2011)
  • Constitutional Law (KF 4550 .Z9 .E43 2013)
  • Contracts (KF 801 .Z9 .E563 2012)
  • Criminal Law (KF 9219.85 .E45 2010)
  • Property (KF 570 .Z9 .E43 2010)
  • Torts (KF 1250 .Z9 .E468 2005)


2L/3L Subjects:

  • Administrative Law (KF 5402 .B44 2006) 
  • Basic Federal Income Taxation (KF 6369.85 .L55 2012)
  • Criminal Procedure (KF 9619.3 .E4 2005) 
  • Evidence (KF 8935 .Z9 .E73 2007) 
  • Intellectual Property (KF 2980 .B3893 2009)
  • Professional Responsibility (KF 306 .M65 1999)


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