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Conflict of Laws: Articles

This research guide covers choice of law resources (online and print), plus private international law and Lynn Wardle articles.

Major Articles on Conflict of Laws (1924-2000)

Listed in chronological order

1.    Walter W. Cook, The Logical and Legal Bases of the Conflict of Laws, 33 Yale Law Journal 457-488 (1924) [HeinOnline]

2.    William F. Baxter, Choice of Law and the Federal System, 16 Stanford Law Review 1-42 (1963) [HeinOnline]

3.    Louise Weinberg, Choice of Law and Minimal Scrutiny, 49 University of Chicago Law Review 440-488 (1982) [HeinOnline]

4.    Herma Hill Kay, Theory into Practice: Choice of Law in the Courts, 34 Mercer Law Review 521-592 (1983) [HeinOnline]

5.    Harold L. Korn, The Choice-of-Law Revolution: A Critique, 83 Columbia Law Review 772-973 (1983) [HeinOnline]

6.    Perry Dane, Vested Rights, ”Vestedness,” and Choice of Law, 96 Yale Law Journal 1191-1275 (1987) [HeinOnline]

7.    Larry Kramer, Rethinking Choice of Law, 90 Columbia Law Review 277-345 (1990) [HeinOnline]

8.    Douglas Laycock, Equal Citizens of Equal and Territorial States: The Constitutional Foundations of Choice of Law, 92 Columbia Law Review 249-337 (1992) [HeinOnline]

9.    Gene R. Shreve, Choice of Law and the Forgiving Constitution, 71 Indiana Law Journal 271-295 (1996) [HeinOnline]

10.    Kermit Roosevelt III, The Myth of Choice of Law: Rethinking Conflicts, 97 Michigan Law Review 2448-2538 (1999) [HeinOnline] ; [SSRN]


[List courtesy of Scott Fruehwald, "Research Canons: Conflict of Laws," PrawfsBlawg, Oct. 26, 2006,]

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